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Corporate & Private Shows

Please email about our special private and corporate shows.

The Comedy Cabaret is highly experienced in handling thousands of private and corporate events, from social events to corporate pep rallies. Our politically correct roster of talent can adapt to any function – large or small.

Select the venue… your place or ours. We can bring laughs to your location or you can avail yourself to any of our area Comedy Cabaret locations in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Choose from Our Varied Selections for Corporate & Private Shows

Need Someone to Emcee Your Gathering or Event?

The Comedy Cabaret will match the perfect comedian for your group.

An Evening of Stand-Up Comedy!

Let us present you with two or three hilarious comedians who will bring guaranteed laughs to your party or meeting.

Need a Woman’s Touch?

We offer some of the funniest ladies in the comedy business today – add lots of laughs to your presentation or find humor in the workplace with our entertaining women guest speakers.

How about a Comedy Mystery for your company!

Bill McLaughlin's comedy mystery is Not your traditional murder mystery, it's a comedy show written exclusively for your group that features performers armed with inside information about your organization performing a group roast disguised as a Murder Mystery!

The victim is a high profile individual in your organization.  The suspects are all directly connected, through your organization, and inside information about each individual is used to create evidence that hilariously lampoons your group in a good natured manner.
Each table is a team, they name the killer and most importantly, the motive.  This gets everyone involved in pointing fingers and poking fun.

The cast consists of professional actors and comedians whose job it is to make sure the humor is exclusively about your group. 
The Bill McLaughlin comedy mystery, where Everything is funny, and the clues don't matter

Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Dr. Scarpati’s Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show! America’s most entertaining Comedy Hypnotist. Audience participation is the cornerstone to Dr. Scarpati’s hilarious show. Performances are nothing short of spectacular!

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