Comedy Cabaret

The Comedy Cabaret is one of the country's longest running live comedy venues!

We have been in the business of making people laugh for the last 42 YEARS. We live to make you laugh and wanted to offer our expertise and practical knowledge to come directly to your community with "The Community Comedy Cabaret!"

That's right... After 42 years... The Comedy Cabaret is set to become YOUR community's Comedy Cabaret! Comedy shows you can walk to and invite your friends and family to, right inside the community's Clubhouse, or some other designated area.

A one-time event, a monthly event or a bi-monthly event. We also offer charity and fundraising events!

Our non-stop laughs comedy show will make your members happy they came out for an evening of fun and entertainment. Our shows are always funny, memorable and enjoyable. For clients like you, we do not book profane-laced acts, but comedians who can be funny and clever without a lot of 4 letter words.

Most of the events feature 3 comedians for a 90 minute comedy show.

Your shows will have the same incredible comedians that we book at all of our Comedy Cabaret locations, in the Tri-State area but this time we are bringing them to your Clubhouse. Our professional comedians perform all across the USA.

We create professionally designed Full Color Digital/Printable 8.5 X11 Flyers for Distribution and Bulletin board, Mailbox, congregation room advertisement. We create the Advertisement for the Community Bulletin for Digital insert.

Email or call us or just schedule an initial consultation. We are here for you!

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Click below to have a virtual cup of coffee with us and discuss how we can bring the Community Comedy Cabaret to your community. The only time your community can laugh until it cries with no DUIs.

Upcoming Events

Sat. Jun 19, 2021 at 7:00pm

4 Comic Blast of Laughs! Staring Comedy Star Steve Young, Comedy Competition Champ funny lady Donna Ottena, Comic author Pat Rocchi, and Champ Glenn Freezman.

All sales non-refundable. All seating is general admission $20. We will have your name at the door. Need more info? Email or call him 215.788.9592

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