Hassle-free fund-raising events . . . Simply sell your tickets and show up and LAUGH and have fun raise $$$!!!

The Comedy Cabaret loves working with groups in our community to help them with their fundraising. We have been doing it for over 25 years now!!  This will be the easiest fundraiser you will ever do. . .  Your group will laugh and have a great night out as you raise money for your organization.

Call our office at 215.497.5066 for more information, or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Comedian 'Mr. Rubber-Face' doing his English Bulldog impression as he presents a check to Kevin Kane, for the Charity Re-Use-Your-Shoes. It was Kane's 3rd Successful Fundraiser at Comedy Cabaret. Combined total of all 3 is over $5,000!


Comedy Cabaret - Fundraising Check with Mr Rubber-Face

"I started a non profit in 2010 and at our 6th month no corporate sponsor would touch a new venture.  I was scratching my head on how to raise money for gas and the like.  I stumbled upon the Comedy Cabaret, and we set up a show as a fundraiser.  Our friends and family were looking forward to a night out (without kids!) so the tickets were an easy sell.  We ended up selling 200 tickets to the show. They let us do a 50/50 before, our one night fundraiser raised over $2,600 for ReUseYourShoes.org.  We were able to use the money to jump start our marketing campaign and now have several corporate sponsors.  I ended up using them again for my daughters 10 travel soccer team and the fundraiser deferred our dues by $175 per player.  I can not recommend them highly enough: Professional, Pleasant and most of all FUN & Profitable!!"

Kevin F. Kane


Comedian Tracy Locke presents a check to Larry Kaplin of A.L S. , for a Successful Fundraiser at Comedy Cabaret.


Comedy Cabaret - Fundraising Check with Tracy Locke

"A BIG THANK YOU COMEDY CABARET for the successful fundraiser and FUN night out for the parents!! The Warriington Warriors are proud to say we recieved over $1,000.00 on tickets sales plus hundreds more from the 50/50 sales. I have other organizations I work with and we will be in touch. Thanks again!"

Karen McCormick


"Working with the Comedy Cabaret is the easiest way to raise money for any event! Just invite friends out for a night of laughs at the Cabaret and make money at the same time."

Kim Uzonyi
Jaguar Hockey and Sterling Knights Ice Hockey, NJ


"I just wanted to send a big thank you for organizing a very successful fundraiser in honor of my cousin, a two time Leukemia survivor. We raised a significant amount of money for Leukemia and Lymphoma and had a blast doing it. All three comedians brought the audience to tears. It was a great break from reality to be able to laugh like we did and it was so much fun. Your staff was hysterical yet highly professional. I would definitely recommend using your company again and we will plan future events with you....."

Dawn DeMarco
Glen Mills, PP


"Thank You Comedy Cabaret for sending us the funny Comedian Kevin Lee for our cancer survivors Relay for Life Event in Doylestown. We had over 1800 community participants. We were successful in raising funds....and the comic touch was GREAT!"

Celia Scocchi


Can you hear it? It's the sound of laughter and it's the sound of your group raising funds for a good cause. Whatever your fund-raising needs are the Comedy Cabaret is a wonderful choice to help you reach your goal. It's the simpliest fund-raiser you can imagine. All you have to do is sell your tickets, then simply show up and enjoy the show, laugh, and raise the funds for your group. People in your organization will have something to anticipate and enjoy when working with the Comedy Cabaret. Raise funds for a good cause! Celebrate business achievements! Put a new twist on your event! Throw a post-convention Standup Comedy Show for a good time!

"The Comedy Cabaret has been a fantastic addition to my restaurant business. The comedians are great and some of the special shows they do, like Dr. Scarpati's Hypnosis Shows, are fantastic. Our audiences have enjoyed them for 25 years now! And it's still going strong! What more can I say?"

Wayne Cauble, Owner
Poco's restaurant
Doyestown, PA


"Having worked with the Comedy Cabaret staff for over 15 years, I have found them to be simply the best! If you have available space in your restaurant or night club, they will show you how to make a lot of people happy and put money in the bank account!"

Craig Trostle, Owner
Greenery Catering
Wilmington, DE


Please call the Cabaret office at 215-497.5066 
to schedule your fundrasier!