WE HAVE A GREAT OFFER FOR YOU!  NO SEATS HERE BUT LISTEN TO THIS - GO TO OUR COMEDY CLUB IN DOYLESTOWN AND YOU CAN GET 1/2 price tickets.  PLUS we have FREE PARKING, and a lot less expensive drink prices! (You know City clubs charge $9 for a soda! And another $25 for parking then $25 to $30 for admission! SCREW THAT! - Come to Doylestown!  Our comedy club is FANTASTIC!  IT IS WELL worth the drive, you will thank us for this suggestion.  Not trying to brag, but It is one of the BEST COMEDY CLUBS in the USA see for yourself watch this -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6M7YS8FQ6o   (did I say free parking, reasonable drink prices and a great restaurant on the 1st level)  For $10 off tickets just call the Bucks County club line 215 345 JOKE (5653) and say - the word "PENNSYLVANIA"  yep just say PENNSYLVANIA when you make a reservation for this weekends comedy show and if they have seats open you save $10 off tickets.  Phone reservations only for the deal.  215.345.5653  Here's the club link for more information http://comedycabaret.com/cms/clubs/doylestown.html  Come on don't be wimpy it is well worth the drive!!! YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST OF LAUGHS!   215.345.5653! Phone reservations only for the deal. We will see you laughing at the Comedy Cabaret Comedy Club.